Jan 15

Joseph Santos: A Bit More About Me

Guys i seem very quiet, but actually i am a really energetic guy, i love to go to the gym and workout a lot, that is my main hobby, it is a passion thing, i am a passionate guy, and i go all or nothing in everything, i am fully commited to be great at what i do, starting to be here online for you guys, i’d love to become a great performer while i am building a great physique, so you will see my progress, join me, i will love if you encourgare me. Thanks guys, big hugs for you all

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Jan 08

Esteban D: 2019

Hi guys, im here on my table drinking a coffe while i was thinking the tip target goal that i post yesterday, its one big goal to start this year but im sure your thinking is more big that it, i would like that you do part of it cuz i will remember it for ever, always that i talk about it I will talk about you, then? Lets come tru that mazda 3 together i will value it and will be gratefull with you for ever.I leave to the gym now and i want to start to see your support after i come back.EstebanD

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Dec 25

Davy Johnson: A New Experience

Ever since I’ve watched porn for the first time…being the snobby, horny little guy, who was going through puberty, I’ve always wondered what it was like being an adult entertainer. I always thought that you had to have some sort of skills or hook up to be successful in the business.As it turns out, everything I thought was wrong…with the exception of it being fun. That, it is.So here i am, 16 years later, finally trying it out for the first time. I never actually thought I would be doing it in my life. First thought that ran through my mind as I was getting ready for my first show was, “Damn….and I thought I was raised to a better expectation than this.”That quickly changed within the first 10 minutes after I started the show. So now I’m here saying to myself, “Let’s see where this goes.”….because, why not.

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Dec 19

John Bruce: Go to the Gym

Hello many I would like to tell you a great experience I had recently, today I went to the gym to do my daily training, as I always do, I walked like any day to the weight zone, and woww depronto, I saw a very handsome boy wearing a coach uniform, he saw me and greeted me kindly, and I was very warm inside just taking his hand to greet him, so I decided to establish a conversation about training, since this day he trained leg, I started telling him to put on a good squats routine with a considerable weight, and of course asking him for help, he helped me to do squats from the back, and I could feel him going down as his cock rose my ass, and see it was hard, that sensation was delicious, after a very hot workout, measured the bathroom like all the days to take a shower and maybe masturbate, while I played he joined me to the shower, I started sucking my cock, and then my ass, ufff was the icious, despes we had wild sex that experience so delicious.

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