Eddie Santos: Our Remote Love

The distance sometimes helps to understand many things, it also symbolizes sacrifice and overcoming, if you thought that that could at some point represent an obstacle to our relationship, you see the mistake as a challenge which we must overcome together.Love can do everything and there is no distance able to separate me from an angel as beautiful as you are, if we both put a grain of sand and I am sure that this relationship will be strengthened as it is true that distance strengthens.Every time I look at my side you are not. But I see very much inside me and I know you are there close to my heart I think about every moment that I have passed by him and that fills that space that I thought was empty.Night comes and I do not see you by my side, only my pillow which hug strong imagining that you are you!Pillow with which he conversed and I cry when I feel alone, sad, empty or forgotten.Only God knows I would give my life for you and sacrifice what I do not have to be by your side, you know that feeling your warmth is one of the desires that I ask every day, I know that we will soon be together to enjoy ourselves and each of the minutes that life gives us, I love you with all my strength ….

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